PlayStation Vita Wifi + PSP *Defective Bulk*

PlayStation Vita Wifi + PSP *Defective Bulk*

For parts or not working


This bulk sale comes with:

  • 4 PlayStation Vita Wifi Consoles UPC #711719500551 ; PCH-2001

1. Damaged; screen is cracked/broken but still usable; damaged charging port, must wiggle around to charge; missing ac power cord and usb cable; v.360 2. Defective; won't charge, won't turn on; missing USB cable, AC Adaptor, AC Power cord 3. Defective; won't charge; missing USB cable, AC power cord, AC adaptor; doesn�t have white box, only outter sleeve 4. Wont turn on at all, missing all accessories
  • 1 PSP-3004 for parts only

1. PSP-3004; missing AC Adaptor, AC Power cord, memory card, battery pack, and packaging; AS IS, for parts

*Please contact us if you'd like to purchase smaller bulk*